Nestle European Style Mousse Mix

amigofoods_1934_33451348.gifThis was the easiest thing to make ever.  Add 2/3 cup of milk (any type) to the mix, put in the electric mixer for 3 minutes, chill for an hour, and voila!  Very rich tasting and filling.  This is not a light mousse.  Given the simple preparation process, the mousse mix is quite the rewarding treat.

Price: $2.49

Where: grocery stores

Rating: star_clipart.gifstar_clipart.gifstar_clipart.gifstar_clipart.gif


20 Responses to Nestle European Style Mousse Mix

  1. Kat Brewer says:

    Oh my god! I loved this stuff when I was little. It’s amazing. I used to make it for my family all the time. It had totally been erased from my memory until this very moment.

    Thank you for reminding me of my childhood.

  2. Keith says:

    I noticed your post on Nestle European Style Mousse Mix. I hope you don’t mind me posting, as well. I apologize in advance if this is too commercial.

    I used to run the brand while I worked at Nestle for many years. At the end of 2006, I bought the product line from Nestle and started my own company to sell it. Soon, it will be available in supermarkets under the “Inspired Cuisine” brand name. It’s the identical product, still made by Nestle (just now for me). I thought you’d like to know and would be happy to provide more info, if you’re interested.

    Best regards,
    Keith Buschmann
    Owner, Front Range Foods

  3. Nancy Ponec says:

    I use this brand of mousse for several desserts – including one called Death by chocolate. I have been trying to find it lately in the stores and it is no where to be found. When will it be back in the stores?

  4. Cyndi says:

    Yes Keith, I would love to know when this will be available—is it going to be in stores anytime here soon? Do you have it available for sale on-line? When I contacted Nestle about it they stated is was discontinued–wondering why they did not mention it was still being made and sold by another company instead?

  5. Ann says:

    I, too, am extremely disappointed to no longer be able to find the mousse in our stores but I am glad to find out what is going on. I sure miss it and hope our stores are soon carrying it under the new name!

  6. Cindy says:

    You get get Keith’s Inspired Cuisine mousse at;

  7. Nancy says:

    Will this be available in stores, or is it already, or is it just available online?
    The stores that used to carry it now carry a line called Dr. Oetker and it is awful tasting!!!

  8. SANDRA says:


  9. Hi All,

    I’m sorry I haven’t been back in a while, but I have an update where Inspired Cuisine mousse and creme brulee mixes are available.

    As of November 2007, they are available at our online store,

    They are also in the process of returning to supermarket shelves nationally.

    Among the chains that have begun stocking them again, at least regionally:

    Stop & Shop

    As always, I truly appreciate your interest in our products and will do my best to update you.

    Best regards,
    Keith Buschmann
    Front Range Foods / Inspired Cuisine brand

  10. Marcia Coberly says:

    I found my way to this site when I was searching for Nestle’s Milk Chocolate Mousse mix. I created a recipe many years ago called Death by Chocolate. I know I am the originator of this recipe and I have shared it with many, many people. I meet people who have it and we enjoy tracing back through layers and layers of friends to ME. I made it up for my 5 sons around 1980 in my kitchen in Sierra Madre. I was therefore gratified to read Nancy Ponec’s post mentioning my recipe. Is it with angel food cake and Skor bars? I was delighted to find that I could order this great mix from Keith at Inspired Cuisine. Thank you Keith and thank you Nancy.

  11. book says:

    Nestle European Style Mousse Mix I wrote to the Nestle co and have been told that they no longer make it and do nothave any in the ware house.

  12. erin says:

    My favorite nestle european style mousse mix flavor was the chocolate raspberry truffle. Do you sell this one or know where i can purchase it ???

  13. Dessert Man says:

    Hi Erin- Yes, we sell the chocolate raspberry truffle mousse mix, too.

    However, that flavor is out of stock at our online store right now, as Nestle is switching the production of it to a different factory. If you’d like to email us your zip code to, I’d be happy to search our store locater database for supermarkets in your area that have it in stock.


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  19. Nancy Darst says:

    Where can I buy the chocolate mousse in Omaha, Ne????

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